Hemiparesis, Muscle Weakness on One Side of the Body

Hemiparesis is a condition when one side of the body experiences weakness so it is difficult to move. This condition is generally experienced by stroke sufferers. There are various therapies to treat this condition. Check out more in the following review! Hemiparesis comes from the word 'hemi' which means one side, and the word 'paresis' which means weakness. The limbs affected by hemiparesis are usually the hands, arms, chest, legs, and facial muscles. This condition can occur on the right or only the left. Causes of Hemiparesis Hemiparesis occurs because of damage to one side of the brain that can be caused by a stroke, brain injury, brain tumor, or injury to the nervous system. Which side of the body experiences weakness due to stroke, depends on which side of the brain the damage occurs. Hemiparesis can be contralateral, ie if muscle weakness occurs on the opposite side of the body of the brain that is damaged, for example if damage to the right brain occurs,
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